Professional Services

Team InnovaIT

InnovaIT has developed a team of experts through project recruitment, vendor selection, and partnering bringing the best resources we can to meet small and medium-business client needs. Our development team is contracted as needed to meet the needs of a project and selected based on the specific skills needed for each solution's objectives. Meanwhile our qualified management team and vendor partners remain stable and committed to project success.

Principal Management

Stephen Parsons - Managing Partner, Professional Services

An original founder of InnovaIT Professional Services and its predecessors (InnovaIT Web Services, NorthSeas Software), Stephen Parsons brings over 35 years of experience in the computer field to the position of Managing Partner, Professional Services. A former college teacher of computer studies in Newfoundland and P.E.I. and owner/ manager of graphic design, multimedia, animation and pre-press companies, Stephen achieved a joint Master's degree in IT Education and Applied IT diploma from ITI (Information Technology Institute - Halifax) and Dalhousie University. Following completion of a Master's program, Stephen held the position of Chief Technology Officer for Marshall Media Group (MMg) in Halifax and Charlottetown before forming NorthSeas Software and then InnovaIT. Stephen has also served as a consultant for Academic Services at the Nova Scotia Community College for over 20 years advising the college on educational programs, technologies, systems and processes.

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Mary Elizabeth O'Toole - Managing Partner, Professional and Organizational Development/ Senior Consultant, Learning Technologies
Mary Elizabeth O'Toole is a graduate of the conjoint Diploma in IT and Master of Information Technology Education from ITI - Information Technology Institute Halifax and Dalhousie University. She holds an MBA in International Business from Queen's University and has provided training and training products in several countries including Japan, Morocco, USA, and the Czech Republic. Her position as Manager, Instructional Design at Nova Scotia Community College (and previous to that - Special Projects Manager in Distributed Learning with Marshall Media Group) provided her with opportunities to develop significant research and e-learning contacts within the post-secondary education market. In these functions she developed several proposals for learnware and course design in collaboration with Nova Scotia Community College and Island Tel Advanced Solutions and developed an innovative Educational Project Management System. Mary Elizabeth is key to InnovaIT's partnership with Microsoft in the corporate and institutional training marketplace, and continues to develop expertise in design and development of learning management and content management systems.

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Partners & Associates

We have developed close connections with partners and associates to meet specific objectives and this group is constantly in development. We are happy to present below current key partners and associates to recent InnovaIT proposals and projects.

Roger Ghegin - Consulting Associate, Human Resources

As a Senior Consultant with HR4Hire, Roger has supported clients in a wide range of HR areas including job design, performance management, recruitment and selection and employee relations. Roger has an Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management and has been a holder of the CPHR designation since 2000. His experience includes work as an HR Instructor at Saint Mary’s, Dalhousie and Eastern College, teaching and mentoring students in Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management. Roger brings a strong HR presence to InnovaIT projects in training design, competency frameworks, and human capital management.

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Keith Hackett - Consulting Associate, Educational Technology

An innovative and highly resourceful administrator and educational technologist, Keith has been part of the InnovaIT family for several years, working on complex projects in aerospace training on a multidisciplinary team. His rich combination of skills and knowledge - from program design, to digital project management to educational technology - serves as a valuable set of resources for the kinds of project success for which InnovaIT has become known. Keith is a veteran digital project manager and certified scrum master with significant international work experience and particular interests in Kaizen, continuous improvement, and competency-based training. 

 Consulting Network

Our growing network of consulting, training and technical professionals allows us to pull resources into key projects quickly and flexibly as needed for project requirements. Leveraging a base of management, academic, and technical contacts, our network provides substantial depth for ad-hoc or dedicated resources for your project.


ISV Partners

As an experienced Microsoft integrator, InnovaIT focuses on windows-based platforms and applications. We are constantly developing expertise with recent projects as Microsoft Office 365 integration specialists. The Office 365 suite has become a tremendously powerful and flexible toolbox for business productivity and collaboration.

For educational and corporate training providers, we are developing our skills in Moodle, one of the most popular learning management systems in the world with a community of developers that rivals even the most popular open-sourced applications in current use. We are working to become a certified Moodle partner and in the meantime, have leveraged our partner network to collaborate with a number of certified Moodle vendors to create high quality corporate training environments.

IQNetCom Corp
While the number of shared hosting providers continues to grow year over year, InnovaIT has always sought out reputable Canadian data centres offering Windows-based servers for its shared hosting environments. IQNetCom has provided reliable and affordable reseller options so that we can pass along the savings and quality to our shared hosting clients.

Domain People
Our domain registrar of choice for the past decade has been DomainPeople of Vancouver who allow us to reserve your .ca, .com, .org, .biz, .info and other domain options at competitive prices.

WordPress/ Divi
We have launched and integrated numerous implementations of WordPress over the years and are still so impressed with the amazing community of PHP developers and designers who continue to make WordPress the go-to content management system for small business. We have developed substantial expertise in the use of Divi/ Elegant Themes (The Most Popular WordPress Theme In The World And The Ultimate WordPress Page Builder) to extend the built-in design capabilities to some of the most amazing and versatile themes we have ever seen.  

InnovaIT is pleased to offer numerous payment gateway options, but is particularly proud of its 10-year partnership with PayPal who make acquisition and integration of their famous gateway an easy task. Many of our applications feature built in PayPal tools like Buy-me buttons and PayPal invoicing.

The Square payment system is one of the easiest and most versatile we have ever used, whether you are setting up for retail sales, or selling online. Taking payments is fast, painless and secure with Square. There’s no running you in circles around monthly fees or locked-in, long-term contracts. You get paid fast and you never have to worry about your data or your customers’ card information. Integration into your website - and your retail point-of-sale - is handled efficiently and economically by our well-experienced systems specialists.


Another great CMS for moderate budgets, InsiteCreation is a DotNet-based application with hundreds of modules add-ins and unlimited extensibility for custom implementations.

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