Professional Services

Service Level Agreements

Why perform web services in-house, when it is not your business mission? InnovaIT believes that freeing clients of the complexity and time-consuming effort of managing web services, enables them to focus on their key activities. At InnovaIT we have been providing Service Level Agreements (SLAs)* for small and medium sized companies and organizations for over a decade and have been proudly lauded by many of our clients for a level of service quality that constantly strives to exceed expectations.
If web services is not what you do or if you have limited capacity for in-house management of web services, then a service level agreement may be the way to go to ensure that service continuity and quality does not distract you and your staff from your primary line of business activities. 
Whether you select one of our SLA packages or choose to negotiate a custom-level of service, we commit to positively and pleasantly surprising our clients by the value of our packaged offerings. For further detail on our SLA packages or to request a quote on a custom package, please select from the links below:


* Service level agreements are a package of services that may include basic services (hosting, email, domain registration, etc.) along with enhanced activities such as offsite content or data backup, application optimization/tweaking or administration, application monitoring/ response, helpdesk and tech support, and/or specialized services.

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