Professional Services

Silver SLA

Silver SLAOur mid-level service level agreement package offers reasonable small business backup and continuity assurance with great value in technical coverage. Silver-level SLA offers basic site backup services, access to our helpdesk system and expanded technical response to support most small business clients with important line-of-business applications.
The silver service level features the following levels:
Feature Service Level
Backup Monthly offsite application.DB backup, quarterly site disc archival
Access to InnovaIT Helpdesk application with same-day response
Monitoring InnovaIT site monitor iPing system with same day response*
Tech Support 3 hour technical support included per month (value $225-$375), additional tech support @ $95/hour**
Report Quarterly website analysis report ***
Cost: $100/month
* iPing monitor sends a periodic signal to your website to determine if it is available from external clients. Our iPing attampts to connect to your site from three separate networks. Upon failure it sends a notification through reliable third party services to ensure timely response.
** Guaranteed tech service may include helpdesk and custom backup services as well as additional services up to the level guaranteed by the service level.
*** Annual report includes statistical analysis, site bandwidth and disc space, web stats, search engine position, as well as significant site access stats.

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